Provide alternative translations for the user interface.

About the Translations

Because I don't speak any other language besides English (and my English ain't exactly great) the available translations have been created by Google Translate. I decided that having some default, poor translations is better than no translations at all.

The translations are stored in PHP files, each containing a single $L array containing all the language strings. They're found at the following locations:

  • /resources/lang/ - the translations for the Core script.
  • /plugins/dataTypes/[data type folder]/lang/ - this folder contains the translations for the Data Type.
  • /plugins/exportTypes/[export type folder]/lang/ - this folder contains the translations for the Export Type.

So, when you make a new translation, ideally you'd make translations for all locations: the Core, all current Data Types and all current Export Types.

Help Translate

If you'd like to help translate, you can do one of two things depending on the scenario.

  1. The translation already exists, but needs improvement. In this case, the best way to proceed is to fork the project on github. It's really easy, honest. Once you've forked it you can just make your changes and submit a pull request for me to merge in your changes. This is my preferred method for integrating changes, but if you don't feel up to you can instead just make the changes directly to the PHP files and email them to me.
  2. The translation doesn't exist yet. If this is the case, the first option is to just forge ahead and add it from scratch - creating new files for your language. Alternatively, if you'd like to save time and have me first create a auto-translated version in your language, just let me know. It's no problem: I've written a script to automate the translation generation and PHP file creation.

Please Note: I don't manually input translations sent to me in other formats, like Excel or via email. Sorry to sound mean, but having accomodated this in the past I know what a total pain it can be. Apologies.

Thanks for your help!